Sct focal reducer comparison

sct focal reducer comparison Nearly every observatory reflector in the world uses an aplanatic (coma-free) optical system like the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC), including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Storage for ST-4, Tools, Eyepieces, and Batteries (Sears Wheelchair "GEL" cell battery). This versatile reducer produces a 44 mm diameter image circle and a 0. Power Options. For Sale - Sold: Focal Reducer Speed Booster Adapter Pentax K PK Lens to Micro 4/3: vytasn: Sold Items: 2: 07-05-2018 02:39 PM: m42 to Pentax K focal reducer: raff89: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion: 19: 01-13-2016 04:11 PM: Pentax Q and Focal Reducer: ripper2860: Pentax Q: 23: 12-27-2015 12:26 PM: $199 focal reducer speed booster adapter Pentax PK Designed specially for the classic Meade and Celestron SCT's, the NGM yields an incredible f/3. ƒ/10 perfect lens (top), a 100mm ƒ/10 doublet achromat (bottom left), and a 200mm ƒ/10 standard SCT. The 3-element, 41mm clear-aperture optics are multi-coated to maximise light transmission. After looking at CCD/Calc it appears that the . Search results for: 'William Optics 2" APO Apochromatic Field Flattener and 0. 5 in the C14 and f/7. Below is shown the effect of such random lens with a perfect 1000mm f. Celestron’s FREE planetarium app is an astronomy suite that redefines how you experience the night sky. Currently, the focus motor is not compatible with the 9. S. The 80mm lens above has an equivalent focal length of 56mm. Their design ‘folds up’ the focal length into a much shorter tube than a Newtonian or a Dobsonian. 25" SCT wedge drawtube : 2" Female Drawtube 2" Male Snout 1. 3 for C5, C6, C8, C9¼ and C11 telescopes and f/7 for the C14 telescope. GSO 200mm and TEC 140 APO Comparison. 4. 75x reduction is Search results for: 'Focal Reducer Field Flattener' View as Grid List.

The Celestron f/6. 3 focal reducer on an 8" f/10 SCT cuts the focal ratio to f/6. 3 4-element fully multicoated reducer used on F/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. 0C. It reduces the exposure time by a factor of 3, when used for astrophotography. Aug 06, 2020 · Near UltraViolet High Density (NUV-HD) SiPMs produced by Fondazione Bruno Kessler in collaboration with INFN have been tested and characterized in INF… Jul 25, 2018 · The Meade f/6. Note that when Mar 24, 2018 · Barlows and Focal Reducers. I have had very good results using my ST 402 with a C5 and SBIG FR247 (AKA eFinder). The ACF version has correction built into the lenses as it is. All the Meade and Celestron 8-inch SCTs come in at f/10, that 2000mm we talked about above. That makes it MUCH easier to frame the moon however you want. Focal You can now have a focal reducer for your larger size (up to 28. The Antares 0. The result is a sharper appearing image with crisper star images, an increase in field of view of 7X, and an increase in sensitivity to extended Dec 16, 2019 · The focal reducer is housed in a 2″ diameter body and will fit into any standard 2″ visual back or focuser on the rear of an SCT. 7 or F/3. Focal reducers reverse the action of a Barlow: they shorten the focal length and focal ratio, allowing you to cover a larger field and to get deep-sky images in shorter exposure times. 85x Focal Reducer for ED80 Refractor $ 639. 95" Travel, Focal Reducer Drawtube & Brass Compression Ring in Gold/Orange Colour Clearance Antares FR2 0. All focal reducers presented here are made on same purpose – to be used on Sony APS-C E mount cameras with Canon EF lenses. g. Captured at Portage Lakes State Park south of Akron, Ohio.

It has a back focus extension of 115mm, making it perfect for deep space astro-photography. 5. They come in three versions: 0. So, the true focal ratio of a SCT rated f/10 with a f/6. The thing about the focal reducers is that they have an optimized back-focus distance. *Note that all VSI 2" TOADLOADERS have our exclusive focal reducer "hidden cavity" allowing you to insert your f/6. It comes with the Meade CCD Variable T-Adapter. The ST-5C focal reducer is designed to reduce the focal ratio of an F/10 telescope to F/4. 3 80mm with the reducer = 333mm lens @f4 Connection: Unscrewed Orion 2in prime focus adaptor and put the Celestron f6. 3 focal reducer with ScopeStuff adapter ring and standard SCT visual back, I did manage to get some very pleasing views of some of the winter’s best deep-sky showpieces. There are M48 threads on the telescope side for using a standard 2" filter. 85x, changing to f/6. Its fast f/5 focal ratio allows for short exposure times, which means more images can be captured for later stacking in post. 3 effective focal ratio (EFL) on native f/10 systems. 8) tested on Focal Reducer 0. The corrected image area has 24 mm diameter. Also, inside the adapter is less space because of electronics, and some vintage lenses wont fit without cutting protruding pins. 8 wideopen as reference - both on a fullformat Canon EOS 5D For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: (800) 720-6364. /td> Exposure : 100@ 1/320 sec : ISO : 200 : Camera : Nikon Z7 [8256 x 5504] Optics : Prime focus of a 10" Meade SCT f/10, 2500 mm focal length with a . Tele-Compressors work with Tele-Centric outputs on solar systems to increase field of view. Threads into rear cell of any Meade SCT.

25" one full F-Stop faster than f/10, reducing your exposure time by half to capture the same brightness of object Add to cart Celestron Reducer Lens . 33 and about 10mm spacer giving focal reduction of about 0. 4, I would choose the FD version over EF every time anyway, be it with or without a focal reducer, so if you are still using Canon EF lenses on Sony E-mount cameras, maybe it’s worth seeing how much you could save by switching to something like Canon FD + Lens Turbo combination. While its performance with a perfect lens is Meade 6. com. 3 Reducer for CCD imaging and I came across the web page linked below. Mounts on the SCT Schmidt threads on the rear cell of SCT's. These are general >with the focal reducer than I can without it. 0″ Adapter for Meade 10″/12″/14″ SCT Telescopes. Camera: Digital Rebel Xt (350D) The focal length specification of this reducer is 240mm. coma of fast Newtonians. Orion 0. Focal Reducer/Corrector 0. Also, the 10-inch SCT has the same price as the 7-inch Mak with twice the light grasp. 3 version of the scope because the f/10 versions have a smaller secondary, and, hence, better contrast. Last but not least, for telescopes that have a curved focal surface, the field flattener can enlarge the useful field of view. SCT focal reducers have vignetted fields on a 35mm film frame. This adapter will allow the use of a Hutech Helical Focuser (#7315) for fixed focal length focusing with a digital or video camera. 3; f/6. A 50mm William Optics guide scope with a ZWO ASI290 Mini camera takes care of the guiding chores. 7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 9.

8' Comment: This somewhat obscure globular, the sibling of M13 and M92, is one of the more remote globulars, at a distance of about 100,000 light years from the Sun. Celestron’s signature orange-tube telescope combines advanced features and excellent optics in one easy-to-use system, the NexStar 5SE Feather Touch ® 1. 90* Masketo Face mask polyester Corona Borealis: $ 13. 63 in the case of Meade. 5X Focal Reducer The 0. The mirrors have multi-layered, enhanced aluminum coatings to increase light transmission. Optically, it consists of a four-element lens that is fully multi-coated for high contrast and resolution. 2013-01-29 Cool. Posting the two images taken if M104 for your perus… Jul 08, 2018 · - Barnard 72 with an ASI290MM & meade 0. 13th, 2013 Objectives: I have used focal reducers (FR) with all of my various telescopes at one time or another. There are two problems: Vignetting and Backfocus. > T- adapter and SCT focal reducer 15/16" image circle = . The flanges come in 4 thread sizes for SCTs, 2" SCT thread size, 3 1/4" Celestron thread size, 3 1/4" Meade thread size, and 4" thread size for Meade 16" scopes. I am also selling a high quality Ts Optics 2inch star diagnol for 90. My testing has been delayed until just recently when I received a new 8" LX90-ACF. 85 arcs/pixel and a FOV of ~24 X 16 arcmin when using the Meade 8. There are M48 threads on the telescope side for using a standard 2″ filter. 3 Focal Reducer may be used to increase field of view and reduce magnification for visual applications. This unique feature is not included in the above imaging train examples, which This drops the focal ratio of your scope down to f/6. 2 in the C11, for a speed increase of 2. 96.

0" / 78. 3 reducer works well visually or photographically. Search for: Celestron c8 price a SCT visual back. Over the decades, smart toys have grown from a niche industry to a profitable business. 3 reducer is made with coma correction in it for the original SCT optics. Sep 28, 2016 · Larger CCDs have larger fields of view at a given focal length. 3 Exposure is Equivalent To 50 Seconds F/10 Exposure In Camera). There seemed to be more detail on my computer screen seen through the red plastic light shield. 15x Barlow 1. 5, resulting in a wider field and faster Hmm. Fast optics and modern camera devices require automatic focusing in every small period of time as temperature can affect focal length and modify the optimal focus position. Mainly used for astrophotography, the telecompressor gives a wider angle of view, a sharper picture, and reduces the exposure time needed . 0 Antares SCT f/6. Date : 2019-04-17 with ψ=ƒ 1 /O being the inverse object distance O in units of the primary's focal length. 3 focal reducer is designed for astroimaging with SCT telescopes. 8 reducer/corrector. Series 4000 f/6. The FR237 focal reducer is designed to reduce the focal ratio of an F/10 telescope to F/5. 7" threads to SCT threads, 8mm insertion length [Astro-Physics, ADA204] Adapter from SCT threads to T threads, 18mm insertion length [Antares] T-thread extension barrels, various lengths; Baader T2 Quick-changer, 15mm insertion length [Alpine Astro, T2-6,7] It is now possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument with an improved image quality with this accessory. Discovered by: Yukio Sakurai (Mito, Japan). Using a Celestron f/6.

See full list on astronomy. The result is a sharper appearing image with crisper star images, an increase in field of view of 7X, and an increase in sensitivity to extended Focal Reducer Speed Booter M42 to M43 Detail Add to Wish List. One outing with a 988mm f6. Lumicon GEG w/ Homemade Focal reducer for the ST-4. 90* Miscellaneous > Face masks MYONE Face mask white size L 1 piece: $ 11. Supplied with a T Mount Ring for Sony Cameras. 3, the distance between the CCD and the back of the focal reducer element is a critical distance that will make a big difference in the image. Add to Cart. It is a precision-built, very rugged device with many features. Hartmann mask used to achieve best focus, and images tweaked in FITS Liberator (Adobe Photoshop CS) and Neatimage. 3 focal reducer for two years, but have used it only once. This will only work on a moving mirror SCT scope. Night Owl - . You still end up having to use another set of optical elements in the form of a field flattener to improve the performance. A refractor normally needs some kind of focal reduction and field flattening, especially for big chips. 3 focal reducer. 93 primary mirror and f/6. I am unsure of where to post this information. The focal reducer consists of a two lens cemented system for better correction, optics are fully broadband multi-coated. 3 System Is 2. Quoting from a 1990 brochure: "Each set of optics is hand figured to deliver 1/8 wave to the film plane employs an oversized 235 mm primary mirror.

Interestingly, as a side effect of the infomration, I finally understood the vignetting problem with R/C's. For CCD imaging this scope works well at F/5. Collected 60 mins of R data. This inexpensive focal reducer threads on to the rear cell of Denny’s Celestron 8 SCT and is a popular option for owners of these telescope systems. Since the Edge HD comes at a $400 buck premium over the SCT you spend an additional $700 bucks to get to the same optical setup you get with the the SCT plus this item at about $150 bucks. 3 focal reducer provides a faster f/6. Oct 05, 2011 · Focal reducer Photography using 'Astro' telescopes. 63 reducer is mounted by a 2" nosepiece. A20-287B---Orion 0. $28. Widest and fastest lens combination for Micro Four Thirds camera! . It could reach focus without problem, the field of view seems sharp, but the magnification is too low to tell the quality, also, terrestial targets are not suitable to really Dec 31, 2013 · The RC is heavier than an SCT of the same size, which also made me opt for the 6″ version instead of the larger 8″ (13 vs. 63x) for SCTs. Salmon calcitonin (sCT) with the sequence of HCys-Ser-Asn-Leu-Ser-Thr-Cys-Val-Leu-Gly-Lys-Leu-Ser-Gln-Glu-LeuHis-Lys-Leu-Gln-Thr-Tyr-Pro-Arg-Thr-Asn-Thr-Gly-Ser-Gly-Thr-ProNH 2 (disulfide bridge between Cys1 and Cys7) was purchased from Xieli Biological Chemical Reagent Co. They are very useful for imaging because they reduce exposure times. Celestron Reducer Lens . The interior of the GIANT EASY-GUIDER has a 3. Any 8" or smaller SCT will actually benefit from this direct mount method. You are a talented filmmaker. Testing the Optec Lepus 0. 3 SCT Focal Reducer £84.

0 for the C14 telescope. Price includes shipping in the USA! Focal Length 3910 mm Focal Ratio f/11 Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 2" 1. 3 Providing A Wider Field And Faster Focal Ratio For Imaging (F/6. The simplest form of the focal reducer is a small achromat, usually cemented, corrected for infinity. 2. In general, the EyeOpener will simply attach Meade’s Microfocuser to the scope backplate. 3 focal reducer, StellaCam EX, Samsung MiniDV camcorder. 3 reducer can be something other than f/6. 66 (so F3. Detailed Look At Focal Reducers by Jim Thompson, P. To calculate the magnification, simply divide the focal length of the scope by that of the eyepiece. Antares F/6. 3 reducers that you should review. 3 reducer and ZWO ASI Cooled Post by Sean. May be used to increade field of view and reduce magnification for visual applications. But on Ebay, they are two different focal reducers. 7x This Meade Series 4000 Focal Reducer cuts telescope focal ratios by a factor of 0. 2013-02-02 Cool. Fits both Celestron and Meade SCT telescopes. 3 as stated by Doc G. You don’t need to understand MTF curves to conclude the right side is worse.

If you use their f/6. 75x Barlow 3x Barlow 4x Barlow 4. e. Skies were overcast with thin clouds so I decided to take some test images of M3 using the following two focal reducers I had on hand for other telescopes: Left image taken with Celestron 11" Edge HD SCT with focal reducer at 2,000mm Canon 700d Celestron CGEM DX Mount Totland Bay UK Image processed to mimic colours of the narrowband "Hubble Pallet" Right hand comparison image from Hubble Space Telescope appx $2 billion cost Unfortunately, the reducer that celestron makes will produce intolerable image errors because it is also old, uses cheap glass and has problems with the spherochromatism from itself and the sct correctors. 2" to 1. 3 Reducer: same but 3 items unattached: same: standard arrangement: Focuser-adapter-reducer: standard arrangement: focuser attached directly to the reducer using the recessed area of reducer barrel: another view: max focus travel about 10mm: recessed part of reducer: wide part of reducer, attaching here allows for May 25, 2013 · In order to get that low, you would need a focal reducer. An important advancement in high-resolution focal reduction systems, the Meade 4-element, multi-coated f/6. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener threads on to the rear cell of any LX90, LX200 or other Schmidt-Cassegrain Sep 18, 2017 · Re: Celestron 8" SCT, with f/6. Adapts SCT visual back devices to 2" backs, focusers, refracters, etc. 28" thread are commonly referred jointly to as a 3. Focusing ease and precision: 1 (focuser slips, gritty or hard to focus), 2 (focus by turning the lens barrel), 4 (1. 63x Focal Reducer for SCT is the standard thread-on F/6. 5 AR152 And one outing with a Meade f10 10 SCT. Either scope will do the jobs and amaze you. The #94175 Reducer/Corrector Lens is not compatible with Celestron EdgeHD optical systems. Dec 08, 2014 · When it comes to 50mm F1. Provides and intermediate focal length between EdgeHD's native f/10 (or f/11) and the optional Hyperstar accessory at f/2, making the EdgeHD the most complete imaging system in its price range. It's considered to be a "typical" globular and has recently been studied for its "blue stragglers" - stars Meade Instruments' SCT-to-ETX Back Cell Adapter has standard male Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (SCT) threads on the outside and female threads on the inside that match the smaller threads on Meade's ETX-series scopes. Astro-Tech 127mm Triplet Refractor. Dec 13, 2003 · Celestron Focal Reducer/Field Flattener This item threads on the back of an 8" SCT and reduces the focal length by 37%. 3 Focal Reducer Placement In reference to the correct placement of a F/6.

7x - EdgeHD 1100 The EdgeHD . The SCT Corrector LF is designed to increase the available backfocus compared to Starizona's standard SCT Corrector. 63. SOLD OUT $ 639. 25" reducer included. 4 kg Celestron C14 SCT . Some vignetting and light falloff is usually visible at the corners and edges of DSLR images and large format CCD images, although this can be nearly or fully eliminated by taking a flat-field exposure and using it during For example, an f/6. 3 focal reducers provide a larger field of view and cut down the exposure time for these long focal length telescopes. Henosis - 8K Short Film PLASTER Omegon SCT female to T-Thread male: $ 38. Eyepieces used with a focal reducer yield lower-power views. Wang » Sun May 06, 2018 4:14 pm It's depand on the back focus of reducer, we provide some adapters to help you reach back focus of reducer, but if it can't be, maybe need some customize adapters for your reducer. This clever accessory makes it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument without sacrificing image quality. 33 reducers. 73x Reducer 0. Apr 29, 2020 · Designed for f10 SCT's, this focal reducer yields a f6. 5X focal reducer onto the Tele Vue 32 and 40mm plossl's respectively. When used with an f/11 classic C-14, the NGM will yield an EFL of f/3. The EdgeHD . 3 1480mm f/l) on an Orion Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G mount Celestron NexStar 127SLT f/12 5-inch 1540mm f/l Mak with Orion ST-80 f/5 3. 95 or F/3. 4x SCT Reducer / Corrector.

The left row of components are my focal reducers (and the SCT to T-Thread adapter). Add the 20mm extension tube for 0. ED80 Focal Reducer Comparison and Shootout. Add to Compare. We have increased the versatility of our telecompressor (also called a focal reducer) by designing a variety of accessories for photographic, CCD and visual applications. 25 barrels but I noticed the f6. This accessory for SCT is well-known, this is the f/6. The adapter enables the use of larger SCT accessories such as focal reducers and off-axis guiders on ETX telescopes. Tele Vue 0. The slip clutch feature on the motor allows both manual operation using the Series 6000 ED APO Telescopes (4) · LX850 Series ACF f/8 and 130 APO f/7. 3 focal reducer with a 2" diagonal on my 8" Meade SCT for 11 years. 72) ² = 1. With this OTA I didn't find any advantage in using the Celestron F/6. The Focus Motor provides electronic focusing for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT), EdgeHD, and RASA telescope optical tubes. This rear-cell thread is standard On all Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (S CT) I have had this Meade series 4000 f/3. Most maks are said to require a special focal reducer for asrtophoto use. LRGB, 20 images each, 15 seconds per exposure, total exposure time 300secs per filter. The large format focal reducer has a 2" (48mm) thread on either end, and comes with a T-to-2" adapter to allow use with all T-mount type cameras. We wish you good health through this time. 12: 8" Celestron SCT Sirius EQ-G / 90mm Celestron Mak CG5 / 16" dob under construction Add Reply: WTS: Meade Series 4000 f/3. 4 alone (left) and with the ‘Perfect’ focal reducer (right).

5X Faster Than F/10 System. The drawing also shows the optional reducer-corrector preferably used for deep-sky photography as it reduces f-ratio and flattens the field. Eyepieces have focal lengths, too — 25- or 10-mm, for example. In the Astrophotography chapter of my Jun 07, 2014 · Comparison of MTF curves of a single Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1. 3 focal reducer on an f/10 telescope, your focal ratio drops to f/6. With this Meade Focal Reducer, imaging exposure times are roughly cut in half. A lot has been written and discussed on the web about what f-ratio really means for us as astrophotographers. M17 with and without the MFR-3 and 10mm Extension Ring . 3 Focal Reducer with Ted Agos Universal Focal Reducer Adapter Tube (2009+) In early 2009 I purchased a Ted Agos Universal Adapter Tube fitted with an Antares focal reducer. I read of a F/R 3. 3 reducers which are quite expensive. ] However the focal reducer does not have to be installed, so the tall focal reducer style flange can be picked if the scope is to be used for both visual and imaging. The metal back distance consumed by the camera system, including filter wheels, auto guiders, and any adapters required by the camera manufacturer to interface with common telescope threads (t-thread, SCT, etc. 75x Focal Reducer [Astro-Physics, 27TVPH] Adapter from 2. 3 CCD Focal Reducer/Field Flattener Series 4000 and Variable T-Adapter 07567. Collected 30 mins of R data before clouds. 25" SC-thread*. 3 Reducer/Corrector. The focal plane is also extremely flat compared to popular Schmidt Cassegrain (SCT) designs, and shows pin-point edge of field stars even with large CCD arrays (as in the RCOS 12. 3 Reducer/Corrector that, in addition to "speeding up" your SCT will flatten the field curvature, throwing out most of Jul 25, 2018 · The Meade f/6. Celestron F/6.

Finally, here's the math to understand "change in light = (old F-Stop/new F-Stop)² " lets say we're using a lens of focal length 100 the aperture is a particular size say, 50mm, so our F-stop is F2. 85 Focal Reducer adapter with M42 standard T-thread A20-287B $115. 9 KB 11 views: The focal ratio is reduced to f/7. tools The EdgeHD . Bokeh is nice, maybe the nicest of the bunch The Takahashi FC-35 reducer is a 0. 3 Focal Reducer for SCT f/6. That said, my familiarity with the astrophoto friendly SCT and my ownership of SCT focusers and adapters put an SCT first on my list. That was more or less okay. 3 focal reducers with a focal length of around half what they should be making them unsuitable for use with SLR cameras or filter wheels, any marked "Japan" are OK, as are later "China" ones. This is where focal reducers like the Zhongyi Lens Turbo II come in. Inside the case is the focal reducer with caps on both ends. 3. So, I didn't exactly miss the wider field of my Ultima 8 OTA, Celeste, when equipped with her reducer-corrector. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener for Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain models, improves edge-of-field correction and reduces exposure times by close to 50%. Improves edge-of-field correction and reduces exposure times by close to 50%. The problem of course is that it is quite slow at f/10, has a very demanding 2350mm focal length and has quite some coma on an APC-S sensor. 3 focal reducer/field corrector. Optec Home > Astronomy > Catalog > Telecompressors . The ultimate upgrade for your SCT! High Point 1. I considered from 8" up to 14" aperture scopes. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener The Meade.

62x Focal Reducer with the 11" Celestron EdgeHD telescope and the SBIG ST-8300M (monochrome) CCD camera. 3 focal reducer on the Sky-Watcher Equinox 80mm refractor . in. 3 Series 4000 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener with the Antares f/6. Celestron Focal Reducer Corrector for SCT Telescopes Out of stock Celestron Reducer Lens . 90* Face mask KN95 10 pieces: $ 56. High resolution geared stepper motor (Step Angle 7. A stack of 29x 6sec subs. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener threads on to the rear cell of any LX90, LX200 or other Schmidt-Cassegrain 6" F/8 refractor, 4x Powermate, DayStar 0. Sorry. 72x magnification by focusing light which should fall on full frame size from legacy lens down into an APS-C DayStar's Imaging Focal Reducer can give you more field of view in your images. 3 focal reducer Trifid Nebula. Dec 03, 2014 · The Starizona SCT Corrector is a focal reducer and field flattener for standard Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. 72x (aka 0. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener #07545. See full list on telescopeguides. Male and female SCT Schmidt threads. 5x Barlow 1. The focusing system using a moving primary is basically the same as in the Meade and Celestron SCT's but the built quality is better. 62X Apparent Size: 3. Field correction is good, although edge performance does begin to soften, very slightly, when used with short focal ratio telescopes, i.

Using a Celestron or Meade f/6. 0 ND110 Vs Camdiox ND1000. Slight difference in focal length. Dec 13, 2018 · Now for the oldie-but-goodie Televue TRF2008 flattener/reducer for the TV85, which is designed for 400mm - 600mm focal lengths. Takahashi recently came out with their own RC telescope, and it was noted that they offered a focal reducer for it as an optional accessory. 3 Focal Reducer threads on to the rear cell of any Meade LX-series mirror-lens telescope or to other SCT brands and reduces the telescope's focal ratio by a factor of 0. 63x when the SCT side of it's lens assembly is placed 88mm from the imaging CCD or focal point of an eyepiece. Light enters from the left and is reflected off the primary mirror to a secondary. 75" Draw Tube Travel, Brake and Compression Ring. I've got the 0. 3 focal reducer drops the effective focal length to about 2,500 mm — a good match for the 18-micron pixels available with a KAF-1600 chip binned 2x2. 3 focal reducer to the telescope, and any other Meade accessories that require a SCT thread. 7x - EdgeHD 1100 The Meade 4-element, multi-coated f/6. The concentrated light also gives us one stop of extra light. The 2" SCT thread is, in fact, generally considered as a "standard" SCT thread since virtually all SCT diagonals and most other accessories such as focal reducers or SCT prime-focus imaging adapters use this thread. The key thing to note is the reduction in Antares . What most folks are actually seeing when they note the nice BLACK BACKGROUND in a Mak (including Sweet Charity) is the naturally smaller exit pupils generated by the scopes’ (usually) slower focal ratios and resulting longer focal lengths—the average MCT is around f/15; the average SCT is an f/10. According to UK-based analyst firm Juniper Research, annual smart toy sales across the globe are expected to grow to $11. I purchased both from OPT. or 4 payments of $ 159. 3 focal reducer can be an important piece of equipment for CCD photography with an f/10 scope, Chris Vedeler has posted a comparison of the Optec Maxfield and the Meade f/3.

Focal reducers can do their job well, but only under certain constraints, like spacing and the size of the final image circle. J. 7. It offers wide fields of view with any Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Focal lengths are generally about 5 times the length of the tube so in that sense expect F10/11/12 or more depending. SkyPortal App. Event: Nova in Scutum - N Sct 2018 = TCP J18292290-1430460. Ta=15. 33X corrector/reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. 3 or a f/3. However, my refractor (500mm focal length, f/5) is so much better for low magnifications that I hardly use the . 3 SCT reducers. At 5 mm, the minimum magnification to make your scope work for my eyes would be about 50X. 5, and f/4. 3 focal reducer on an 8" SCT. ) Here's the data on the image above: Date - August 27 Time - 11 pm Weather - Clear Temp - 58*F Humidity 42% Camera - T3i unmodded Scope - Celestron 6 inch SCT with focal reducer ISO - 800 An alternate way to calculate would be direct from the focal reducer parameter of 0. The Antares F/6. An Image Comparison . C9. 6x Barlow 2x Barlow 2. Focal Reducers for Refractors.

The camera side connection is a standard M42 T-thread. Taken on Friday 13th from Conon Brodge, using Meade LX50 8" SCT with f3. d. 3EXT can get long when it all goes together TOP: F-0. 80 mm aperture (f/6) Focal length is something that we talk about constantly as we discuss different lenses and styles of photography in our weekly free podcasts. This filter threads on to the rear cell of your Celestron or Meade SCT telescope. 8) consists of SBIG ST-8300M camera, Astronomik filter drawer, Orion SteadyStar Adaptive Optics Guider with StarlightXpress Lodestar as a guiding camera and Teleskop Service SCT 0. Perfect price. The result is a sharper appearing image with crisper star images, an increase in field of view of 7X, and an increase in sensitivity to extended and SCT focal reducers are equipped with a female SCT thread on the input side, and a male SCT thread on the output side. 4 that we all know and love. This, added to the inability to utilize longer focal ratios for certain objects, led Celestron to design the four-element, fully multicoated f/6. $55. 0 lbs / 20. A Celestron SCT can be reduced somewhat by adding a focal reducer which a user can do depending on the scopes application. 3 or 3. Sep 11, 2018 · Focal Ratio: F/10; Optical Tube Weight: 13 lbs; Focal Reducer: Dennys uses an Antares F/6. Remark the two lens corrector in front of the secondary mirror. 63x Reducer 0. With a T-mount camera connected directly to the reducer, the focal length is cut in half - 0. 25" with included reducer adapter Diagonal 90° star 2" barrel Finderscope 9x50 mm Tripod None Mount Type CGE dovetail plate Power Source None Optical Tube Length 31. 00* The example is calculated with an f/2.

01 (object at 100ƒ 1, or 40m) is 0. However, the difference in the outer edges with the f/6. 3 system. 8x Flattener; the TeleVue #TRF-2008, 0. visual back, focal reducer). It's not clear to me that they'd increase the true field by any significant amount, given the restrictions ultimately caused by the baffles. 72x. 5X focal reducer with your current camera and telescope. 10 stops ND Filters Comparison: B+W 3. 8x Reducer Adapter to 2 Inch Focuser Evostar 72ed Vs 80ed Mar 04, 2011 · There's nothing the C6 does that the C8 can't do better except provide a wider field of view, but that's what focal reducers are for. Supposedly all these problems can be abated with the Celestron f/6. It is fairly easy to reduce down an SCT to f/3. 5X Focal Reducer from High Point has a 2 element optical design with fully multi coated optics The lens cell is anodized black to reduce stray light reflections For comparison purposes, some of these tests were also done on my TMB 80 SS. This is a high precision Moonlite CS Model Single Speed Crayford Focuser for Celestron 11" and 14" SCT, Celestron 9. For example "2x Barlow". 5 mm back focus camera is 0. 5x Reducer 0. 29" thread and Meade 10", 12" and 14" SC telescopes with 3. The actual reduction can vary depending upon the setup (e. Also, the focal reducers sold by Meade and Celestron are made to correct SCT optics, not Mak optics, and in any case you would only get around f/9. Clear.

Now this diagonal allows to use f6. When used visually, they extend the field of view. These Are Focal Reducer/Corrector Than Will Reduce The Focal Length Of SCT From F/10 To F/6. 1 142,66 €-3% 1 178,00 € Celestron Celestron 0. 95" Travel, Focal Reducer Drawtube & Brass Compression Ring in Gold/Orange Colour. I fed the video via a dazzle Video2USB converter and captured images of the scene and the star using MetaGuide. 00 AUD. 9Mb: An extensive test using my ED80 APO refractor, visually comparing the effect of different focal ratios and different integration times. 0 on focal reducer. 3 SCT Focal Reducers are Aug 31, 2012 · 0. 3 Reducer Corrector is a must-have accessory for astrophotographers. 25” EdgeHD when the optional 0. This is better than buying the f/6. 3 Focal Reducer / Field Flattener f/ SCT Telescope # 07545 . Location : Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. 25" Male Snout: Adapters: Quark - T-Thread adapter Quark - C-Mount adapter 80mm long 2" Focus Extension Tube: Female T-Thread Flat Plate Female T-Thread Wedge Plate Female 4X Powermate Plate Male 4X Powermate Plate 80mm long 2" Focus Extension Tube: Power, cables: 22mAh battery pack The Lumicon GEG utilizes an 80mm focal reducing lens that can be repositioned in the guider to allow for imaging at four different f ratios: f/10 (no focal reducer), f6. 5mm C-rings. There are three options for powering your Celestron Focus Motor: When using a Celestron computerized mount, you can power and control the focus motor through the mount using the supplied AUX cable. At F/3. 75 x large with M82 thread. With a simple twist, this Baader Adapter are able to lock 2" eyepieces and accessories instantly.

the distance between the focal reducer and the sensor). Guide Scope versus Off-Axis Guider. 3 for sct's?? Regards Norm NGF-SE+small SCT Adapter+f6. It’s sitting atop a Celestron Advanced VX mount. Full Moon just below horizon. Independent of Fastar, it’s also easy to add a focal reducer lens to the back of these scopes to get f/7, a full stop faster than the native focal ratio and an increase in the field of view by about 43%. Jun 11, 2018 · This combination focal reducer and field corrector converts the optical systems of f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to f6. 80 mm ED Triplet APO. Hence, the required spacing of this specific reducer is 88mm, i. Get a Focal Reducer. 8x Reducer 0. For example, a typical 8 inch SCT has a tube about 45cm long, which is a third of the length of an 8 inch Dobsonian. The focal reducer then travels with the drawtube as the focuser is racked in-out providing the correct distance for imaging. This is especially useful for SCT and MCT owners, since this types of telescopes normally have a focal ratio above f/10. 3 billion by 2020. New Flattener 6 adapter for SCT . 93. The F-0. 7 cm Weight 45. 3, StellaCam-3 @ 35 seconds NGC7243 (open cluster) Focal Reducer/Corrector 0. F/8 is unusual, but not unheard of and I know meade has made them for a few years now.

2x Barlow 5x Barlow f/6. #SCET spacer (sold separately) allows spacing adjustment by 1/2" increments. 4 Fits VC200L Reflector Telescope Decreases Exposure Time We designed this corrector specifically for the classic Meade 16" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. Equipment used: Meade LX90, 8" SCT, homemade Baader solar filter cell with offset 2. Wainwright M31" Tonight, I tried the focal reducer on my f/5, 80mm refractor with the Mintron video camera (which has a 1/2 inch chip). 63x focal reducer. 67x Reducer 0. Recently, we were testing eyepieces for side-by-side comparison and decided to try something else fun. Threads directly onto Schmidt-Cassegrin SCT rear cells. 75 x small with M63 thread. 3 Meade or Celestron focal reducer securely inside the moving tube of your VSI focuser effectively rendering your focal reducer's profile to zero. 45Å H-alpha Quantum PE filter, 0. 3 focal reducer and Meade DSI Pro camera with AutoStar Envisage software. 2 KB 10 views: 82. 85x and provides much-improved field-edge correction. 5 refractor: the William Optics 2inch APO 0. 5x Focal Reducer This focal reducer allows shorter exposures, by reducing the focal ratio of the telescope to half. ♦ Long working distance of 85 mm from the SC thread at the camera side - enough space for all adaptions . 1. $90. The advantages of the Adapter tube are several Meade's LX200-ACF brings Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere.

My current setup for C14 imaging at high focal ratio (f8. 8X Reducer/Flattener The Explore Scientific ED80 is a superb telescope for astrophotography. That would give you really wide views, far wider than any reducer/corrector on an SCT can provide. 7x Focal Reducer and a 6" f5 Achromat with a 0. Sep 26, 2018 · This is only necessary for configurations at “prime focus”, meaning without any flatteners, reducers or extenders. The telescope has two modes of operation: The original C14 is configured as a classical Schmidt-Cassagrain with an objective diameter of 14 inches or 350 mm and a focal length of 3910mm which works out at f/11 focal ratio. 37*FL. I couldn’t seem to duplicate this by adjusting the color with some image software. 85 Focal Reducer Adapter with M42 Standard T-Thread” Cancel reply. A large-drawtube 2" focuser allows the use of larger wide-field eyepieces or large imaging sensor cameras to be used without vignetting, and an included reducer adapter lets user install smaller 1. MFR-3 $139. With an 8 inch SCT telescope, working at F5 to F3. 00: Time left: 27d 5h 44m: Focal Reducers for the NexStar 4. 7x focal reducer lens for Edge HD 14. 80mm no reducer = 500mm lens @f6. Ken is using a Mallincam Xtreme in an ED80 Refractor Telescope . Review, test and samples taken on Micro Four Thirds (MFT, M4/3) camera Lumix G2. Excellent optical quality with sharp images over a wide field. Images taken by Dr. I have looked at various outlets at the cost for Meade F6. Depending on the design of the diagonal this could result in a focal ratio of f/10.

The telescope's stock rear adapter (with SCT threads) was replaced with an Astro-Physics 2" Visual Back (AP part # ADASCTLC) in order to install the focal reducer as close as possible to the OTA, as recommended by Optec. Windy. The Meade f-6. I believe their motivation for doing so is to hit the imaging crowd. 7 arc-minutes. COVID-19: Our showroom is currently closed but our online store is fully operational. 5x version supporting sensors up to 17,5 mm diagonal. 69 sq. Dec 03, 2015 · Just a quick video for Troy to show you my focuser and focal-reducer combo. It would be nice to get an F/5 reducer to bring the Field of View wider and give the scope a 'faster' Focal Ratio. The native sct unfortunately has only f10. Focal Length 3910 mm Focal Ratio f/11 Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 2" 1. 00. 1 148,48 €-3% 1 184,00 € APM Telescopes APM Riccardi focal reducer 0. F/6. Meade Series 4000 f/6. 6 focal reducer on a Celestron CGEM DX mount. 7x Reducer 0. You can see the coma around the edges, but that's pretty severe focal reduction with an SCT reducer. 75x corrector and focal reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes Currently, the Starizona SCT corrector 0. For an f/10 SCT telescope user , it is possible to achieve f/4 through the use of a combination of focal reducers.

63x Focal Reducer for SCT Threads Designed for f10 SCT's, this focal reducer yields a f6. 80mm with the reducer = 333mm lens @f4. Today, toy stores not only have an array of classic board Games and stuffed animals but also internet connected devices, smart racing cars and drones, smart building I had a 20mm plossl, a 40 mm plossl, a 7 mm plossl, and a 14mm ultra-wide angle, along with a Televue 5X Powermate, all of which I use with a 70mm Ranger and an old Meade 4" SCT, Both scopes are mounted on a common mount, a modified Meade fork. Any shorter and stuff gets too small. One way to get around this is to use a focal reducer, which I have always found cumbersome: remove diagonal, screw in focal reducer, replace diagonal, insert eyepiece — repeat procedure again and again, as required. 3 SCT Focal Reducer is made to attach to the rear cell of Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes. Telescope optics . Not only does that many millimeters make guiding and tracking more difficult, it makes for longer exposures and can be a challenge for accurate goto pointing. 3 for photographic imaging. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener threads on to the rear cell of any LX90, LX200 or other Schmidt-Cassegrain or Advanced Coma-Free model and is typically used with FOCAL REDUCER TESTING "Playing With Focal Ratio 1", 3. 3 system for imaging or visual use when used with an f/10 SCT or other compatible telescopes. The Reducer/Corrector is f/6. 1Mb: A follow-on test that repeats my focal ratio work using my 8" LX-10 SCT. 9x for 140/160/180/200/250VT FL APO, with Pentax 6x7 Bajonett Adapter; Field Corrector Reducer, flattens the field of telescopic viewing and reduces the focal ratio by . Nov 28, 2017 · The computed f values vary from what you might have expected. > T- adapter and SCT focal reducer 13/16" optimal printable image circle = . Focal reducers are essentially mount-adapters that use optical elements Be the first to review “Orion 0. 85x Reducer 1. 3 : Mount: Schaefer GEM - 7 1/2 Byers Gear: Guiding: 80mm f/11 guidescope with PHD Guiding : Camera: Canon 450D - Gary Honis modified: Exposure: 190 subexposures of 180 seconds each at ISO 1600 - 9 1/2 hours total: Calibration: 30 darks, 30 flats, 30 bias You'll find that f/10 is very common with SCT's. Hyperion Focal Reducer. Use with Any 2.

However view for view the mak has a very crisp vivid view over the sct. 3 focal reducer/corrector. In the tests the Antares model was found to be identical in all key performance areas but appeared to offer marginally better contrast than the Celestron model when used visually. For 5 minute exposures with the C9. Celestron CPC9. Jul 18, 2006 · Adding a f/6. I do know that Meade and atleast a few other companies make . I hope this helps. The female end attaches to the rear cell of the telescope. 2% Waxing Gibbous Moon taken at prime focus of a 10" Meade SCT with a . 7 the CCD, with this typical telescope, would image an area of 11 by 14. Reducer Body Adapter for 2" Focuser. It’s an SCT focal reducer. Round 1 The first round of tests used my Canon Rebel XT to offer a known-standard distance from any reducer to the sensor. F/11. With a 1000mm effective focal length the ST 402 would have an image scale of ~1. The optical glass used on the Mallincam Focal Reducer Corrector for SCT is made using laser guided grinding technology to a precision not found on any other focal reducers in its class. Does anyone know what the image scale/settings for this would be? I have tried a number of things and just cant seem to get plate solving to work. 4x Reducer 0. 5 system focal ratio, close to the design values a competitor used. Threads into rear cell of any Schmidt-Cassegrain with a standard SCT thread.

25" Thread This 2" Click-Lock Eyepiece holders is the latest innovation designed by Baader. Comparison of . At last, a top rank SCT focal reducer at an up-to-date price! These f/ratios cover many important applications and represent a best case scenario to a worst case scenario. 3 and F3. The large 4" Meade thread flange fits only the 16" Meade SCTs with the 4" visual Regular focal reducer holder that works with traditional 6. Apr 30, 2017 · To see the whole sun or moon, or a more of the Pleiades in a camera, you would have to buy another focal length reducer, about $300 bucks. 3 focal reducer when added to one's imaging train, (my Canon 450D in the diagram) I comprised the above illustration. Some third-party vendors also make reducers for SCT scopes. While the GEM mount would get a lot out of an 8" scope for astrophotography, a larger aperture would take it up a notch for planetary and deep sky observing. #TAEQ has safety recess, #TAER does not. 6°W: Venus transit in progress, 6/8/2004. tem with a focal length of 3,556 millimeters. Search for: Celestron c8 price About the Antares F/6. 99 Add to Wishlist The Antares FR2 0. If offers wide fields of view with any Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. 3ƒ 1, or 120mm - most likely already out of the focuser range. 28 sq. Discovery magnitude: unfiltered CCD magnitude 10. Such a setup would yield an image scale of 1. A couple of references are cited below for a better understanding of the placement with other cameras or accessories. It also allows using the 36.

We will present better designs later. 3 FOCAL REDUCER/FIELD FLATTENER MULTICOATED" and in very small letters "CHINA". My endeavors in Astrophotography where I detail the failures, achievements, and costs involved in imaging using webcams, digiscoping, & DSLR cameras. As we will analyze later, this is a very unfortunate choice causing a large central obscuration but let’s stay with this design for now to allow a 1:1 comparison. I already have a . All additional accessories mount onto the exterior/male threads. This is a pretty good showing, significantly better than the Orion. If you can please clear that up I will be ever so thankful. 3 focal reducer to reduce the exposure time needed on his Celestron 8 SCT. Telescopes such as all the Meade LX200 and LX90 Focal reducers. Three configurations were tested: Prime focus, a William Optics 0. There are few scopes that take great photos without the bit of glass up the camera end to sort everything out. The f/6. The solution shown here solves these problems with the EyeOpener and a modified focal reducer. 6FR Focal Reducer - Results. com The Meade/Celestron focal reducers have the following focal lengths. And I'd be lying if I said I haven't been checking out ads for used C9. 6X reducer/corrector, which was never designed for full frame: Hi All, I have a friend that is using the ZWO asi290 with a 6. Canon EF 200mm f/2. 25 f/10 2350mm f/l SCT with Celestron 0. A must for any f/10 user.

3 Reducer produced f/7. I had planned to use the focal reducers with my LXD75-8"SC but the day I picked up the Meade focal reducer was the same day I discovered that the telescope and almost all my accessories had been stolen. With the focus motor installed, you can bring celestial objects into sharp, precise focus using your telescope’s hand controller or a computer instead of using the focuser knob. 3, which is not great, but usable for photography. This brings the scope to the usual F/6. 180mm mak vs a 200mm sct,I still may choose the mak depending on the brand. 8x Focal Reducer for 66mm to 90mm Refractors WE-FLAT-2' View as Grid List Items 31 - 45 of 142 Optec Focal Reducer 0,7x for Telescopes with Field Correction Optec NGC314 f/8. Reducer Lens . Jun 28, 2019 · 2. It can be a bit confusing as a beginner to understand focal length because there are a few twists and complexities, but I'll do my best to explain it in 5 minutes or less. The Celestron Reducer/Corrector Lens for SCT Telescopes (#94175) INTRODUCTION Imagine having two telescopes in one — a long focal length instrument for lunar and planetary work and a short focal length scope for deep sky observing and astrophotography. Jun 19, 2019 · Now I’m attaching SCT F6. 4 (750mm). I don't know which would be of higher quality as there seems to be big differences in price range. 25" standard rack and pinion focuser or typical SCT), 6 (2" single speed Crayford or refined rack and pinion focuser), 8 (2" dual speed Crayford focuser), 10 (2" dual speed Feathertouch reverse Crayford focuser). comparison, I did have the opportunity to compare two 8-inch LX90 telescopes, one 8-inch SCT. To see the whole sun or moon, or a more of the Pleiades in a camera, you would have to buy another focal length reducer, about $300 bucks. 6 Telecompressor for the Viltrox came out with the first cheap electronic focal reducer. 3 for C5, C8, C9. 3 reducer was not significant enough, I suspect, to warrant the production of a different focal reducer. 495,00 € APM Telescopes Aug 26, 2010 · This reducer screws onto the back of the focus tube.

CURRENT SPACINGS. 25" SCT thread. Black Aluminium Anodised Bracket for Celestron SCT Celestron 0. 4mm diagonal) CCD or CMOS sensor astronomical camera. 3. 3, reducing exposure times by about 60%. 9 (382mm with the flattener/reducer). 66X reducer designed to work with the FC-100DF, FC-100DL, FC-125, FS-102, FS-128 and FS-152 telescopes. P. 5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120). Optimized for the Sky-Watcher BLACK DIAMOND ED120, this superb quality accessory effectively reduces the telescope’s focal length by a factor of 0. My 8 inch SCT has a 2000mm focal length, which is reduced to about 1300 with a f/6. March 28, 2008: Active Regions 10987-10989 CPWI Software. Results may vary slightly depending upon the imaging train configuration. 95 USD 10mm Extension Ring $29. Optics: LX200R 10" SCT Focal Reducer: Optec Lepus 0. 8 (11-16/2. Optec states that it corrects for field curvature and spherical chromatism. 3 SCT Focal Reducers are Antares' f/6. 25 OTAs. 25"/3.

25 will do better. This section lists your barlows and focal reducers. 85x Focal Reducer/Corrector for Sky-Watcher BLACK DIAMOND ED120 Designed for serious Astro-Imagers. The reason for doing so was to: “speed up” my optics to reduce exposure time, increase my field of The focal reducer is housed in a 2" diameter body and will fit into any standard 2" visual back or focuser on the rear of an SCT. 3 and 3. 3 reducer in between. 0 using the older Celestron focal reducer. 5 is a typical f/ratio for an SCT when using a binoviewer. The question I'm pondering now is that of focal length. All four lens elements within the reducer are fully multi-coated to maintain image quality. Focal reducers for wider field imaging and visual applications 16 Item(s) Show 12 24 36 48 60 Designed specially for the classic Meade and Celestron SCT's, the NGM yields an incredible f/3. 3 SCT nitegeezer NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula Michael Southam M17 Swan Nebula These Screen Grabs are from Ken's 'Live' broadcast on Night Skies Network. 4. These reducers can also be used for visual observing with SCT scopes with eyepieces with a field stop as large as 24-27mm. If the measured focal length is FL, the optimum distance from the lens in the focal reducer to the image plane, F2, in this case the slit of the Alpy, is given by F2=FL*(1-RF) = 0. More powerful focal reducers are limited to photographic use, but the f/6. 19 lbs). 25 SCT. 5! The focal length specification of this reducer is 240mm. 36, a very fast medium format lens. 3 telescopes into much faster f/6.

OK seeing. 3 reducer together with binoviewer providing wider and brighter field of view. 11: Stanley Metal Rolling Workshop (classic) #20502. Fully multicoated optics, anodized aluminum cell, rubber grip ring. With this combination and a generic 25mm Plossl yielding 68x, the Great Orion Nebula was awash in delicate tendrils of sweeping nebulosity set against a Hi, I have a Vixen vmc110l and want to buy a focal reducer. Results are amazing both visually and photographically. 0" focuser opening Known To Fit Orion 0. I got the Nikon DSLR adapter. Lat: 41°N, Lon: 81. TS Optics f/6,3 Reducer and Corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes Omegon SCT female to T-Thread male: $ 38. A Newtonian requires a coma corrector and a thumping great SCT needs a thumping big focal reducer. Still i did not get good results, so i decided to do tests with following reducers/flatteners: I have 2"/SCT thread connector, so i was able to test all 2" correctors with C8 SCT. 2" to T mount, with included T extension tube for even more reduction. Antares f/6. 25, I gave a try at the 0. And I found I could still use the Meade f/3. (1/0. 75 the CCD, with this typical telescope, would image an area of 11 by 14. This is true for your telescope and for your camera lens. An excellent tutorial/overview of its features by Philip Perkins can be found here. Unlike the Meade and Antares focal reducers I used in the past, which thread onto the SCT port, the Lepus fits a 2" visual back or focus drawtube.

9 is an equivalent f/1. Taken on 2006-07-30 with the ZS66SD piggibacked on the lx90. Its gearbox has very low backlash and high torque suitable to focus in micron scale. Some vignetting and light falloff is usually visible at the corners and edges of DSLR images and large format CCD images, although this can be nearly or fully eliminated by taking a flat-field exposure and using it during May 24, 2018 · 4. To photograph planets you need a “telephoto” view, which at a minimum is the prime focus setup on an SCT but probably will be better with a barlow lens. 4mm Large Accessory Ring (LAR), which converts the Questar to take the 2 inch -24 tpi SCT threaded accessories (e. Not only did all my eyepieces come to focus, but field curvature was LESS than at f/10. ). I am selling my Orion SCT fit 2 inch star diagonal along with an Antares 6. A telecompressor or focal reducer is an optical element which amateur astronomers use to reduce the focal length of a telescope. 55" i. 25", 11", and 14" maintain the full 146mm back focus, making it easy to switch the reducer in and out of image trains as desired All EdgeHD scopes cover a full-frame DSLR at native focal ratio, and all but the 8" will cover the same field with the 0. Effectively reduces the focal ratio of your instrument by a factor of 0. By using a focal reducer you shorten the effective focal length of the telescope and increase the field of view (and make the image brighter in the process). 3 and f/3. The Celestron EdgeHD 8" SCT Optical Tube Assembly is an aplanatic, flat field Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that produces aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view. 00 Focal Reducer Speed Booter M42 to M43 Detail Add to Wish List. Compared to former Starizona SCT Corrector models, this third installment has been given slight optical improvements to go along with standard M42 top thread for more convenient customization. 75x photographic reducer, gives a reasonable fast focal ratio of f/5. 8 and the 3” model will reduce the f/7 115mm and 130mm refractors to f5. This was the telescope that allowed me to capture my first long-exposure deep-sky images including the Orion Nebula, North America Nebula, and the great Andromeda Galaxy.

This type of OTA is known as a Catadioptrics or Cassegrain or SCT and are amongst the most popular type of telescopes owing to their performance and relative portability. 3 enabling a wider field of view. A 2000-mm focal length scope used with a 25-mm eyepiece will therefore deliver 2000/25 = 80 power (or 80x). , Ltd. This reducer will also work well with many other instruments that have the standard SCT rear cell including the Meade LS, LX90 and LX200 series. The effective focal length will be approximately 0. Canon DSLR noise analysis and ISO selection. 75. 3)? Regards, Kevin. 63x on my SCT at all for visual use. 25x Barlow 2. Optec has a long history of designing and manufacturing exceptional optical correctors and focal reducers beginning in 1995 with the original MAXfield 0. 25mm (via Baader SCT > 2" Click-Lock & 2" > SCT Nose Piece) From Focal Reducer to DSLR 53mm (via 3mm Rubber Gasket as Focal Reducer fouls OAG Prism > SX OAG & Filter Wheel > 7. Scope: 8" sct, 6. 8 lens May 14, 2013 · Focal Reducer Test (2008) Using the Celestron SCT f6. 0. Lots o' stars! The wider view is worth seeing. It has an imperial sized connection thread. 5 is a good range of focal lengths. 52 sq. ♦ The TS Focal Reducer can be excellently used photographically and visually.

Deliveries: Whilst most deliveries are getting to customers on time, we have noted that some are taking far longer than usual - Please be patient during these times. 63: f/10 telescopes are converted to f/6. Aug 29, 2011 · Optec NextGen is a series of focal reducers / correctors for SCT telescopes. This marked the start of not only the tremendous Baader 2" Click-Lock Adapter for SCT with 3. Comes with 0. I’ve got a large selection of longer focal length ultra-wide apparent field eyepieces. With the Celestron Reducer/Corrector Lens that’s exactly what you get. An 8” SCT is probably my second choice, especially if you are interested in doing some planetary imaging. 7x Focal Reducer is installed. > You can see the advantage of the GEG with 35mm film, every part of the frame Celestron Focus Motor for SCT and EdgeHD. F-ratio is simply the ratio of the focal length to the size of the aperture. Supposedly, all of them are made in the same factory in China. 395,00 € APM Telescopes APM Riccardi focal reducer 0. The amount of reduction (R) produced by a focal reducer is a function of the focal length (F R) of the reducer and its distance (D) from the camera’s focal plane: For example the Astro-Physics 0. May 23, 2008 by Gary Honis. This makes them extremely portable. 7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 800 one full f-stop faster than f/10, doubling the equivalent exposure at f/10; 4-element lens design; Maintains similar flat-field performance as native Edge HD optical design; Increases Field of View by 43% to Better Capture Wide Field Images The FR237 focal reducer is designed to reduce the focal ratio of an F/10 telescope to F/5. They are very compact. SCT, Maksutov - these will require focal reducers to get fast f/ratio with loss of flat field & increased aberrations fast Newtonians - have coma aberration & poor flat field for planetary & moon observation, any will do, but for best contrast, a good refractor may be best For example, adapting a full-frame lens to an APS-C sensor. While focal reducers are possible for many cross formats and they exists on telescopes many years already, the most used one today are those created for APS-C cameras and full frame (35mm) lenses. , this reducer will provide a reduction of 0.

7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 1100 one full F-Stop faster than f/10, reducing your exposure time by half to capture the same brightness of object 5-element lens design Maintains similar Focal reducers. The manufacturers really aren't doing a great job distributing them without confusion. MFR-3 Custom Focal Reducer and 10mm Extension Ring The OPTIMUM Focal Reducer for Newtonian and Other "Fast" Telescopes . "Playing With Focal Ratio 2", 1. . You can change the field of view of a CCD only by changing the focal length of the telescope. SX OAG & Filter Wheel. 00: Time left: The Takahashi TSC-225 has the reputation of being the finest SCT ever commercially produced. The focal reducer consists of two components (see at right and below), the focal reducer and an adapter for your specific camera/imager. For me, with a light polluted back yard and an older eye, I need to limit the image size to 5 mm or even 4. This allows the reducer to be used on the Megrez. 3 focal reducer with the small-chip Mallincams for my video runs. It converts the telescope from f/10 to f/7. Description of the reducer. 8-4. So, if you have a 200 mm telescope that has a focal length of 1000 mm, it is an f/5. 3 and f/4 instruments respectively. With custom designed, well-corrected optics compensating for the inherent aberrations in the original large SCT design, this new four-element system can provide ACF-like performance at a fraction of the cost. 25" Edge HD with 3. Oct 11, 2008 · OPT provided the two SCT Focal Reducers for this comparison. 99 £ 86.

5, f/5. Lumicon ‘Giant Easy-Guider’ can be used as a focal reducer to f/7. Recommended Field Flattener/Reducer: StarField 0. 1-inch 400mm f/l refractor mounted as a wide-field scope Focal reducers for 9. Sadly, corners are not quite as sharp and there is a little more bulging. 6 KB 7 views: 85. May 07, 2011 · 2. Items 1-15 of 69. 63 for Meade and Celestron SCT (Not for HD Series) An important advancement in high-resolution focal reduction systems, the Meade 4-element, multi-coated f/6. ATIK - . The result is wider, brighter images. Meade F 3. I used an f/6. Designed specially for the classic Meade and Celestron SCT's, the NGM yields an incredible f/3. Samples taken with Focal Reducer 0. The optical system was designed to reduce more than just off-axis star coma; it also provides an astrograph-quality flat focal plane all the way to Hi Guys I may be purchasing a Revelation Astro SCT Crayford Focuser. 25 SCT, f/5 reducer, Custom Scientific R filter, Atik 320E camera. Both are in great condition although the diagonal is missing one dust cap. For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: (800) 720-6364. I gave been playing around with my d810 camera the past two outings this week. By reducing it to half, exposure duration is 4 times lower, and the field of view is 2 times larger.

It has been very carefully looked after and in perfect working order. Taken with a Meade 8" LX90, using an f/3. The Opticstar imaging focal reducer can be used to reduce the focal length of the telescope in conjunction with an extension, i. much less than F/6. 63x, converting f/10 and f/6. While its performance with a perfect lens is From there, the normal attachments can placed. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener (FR/FF) is designed for use with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, of any aperture, using the standard 2-24 (2" dia. l. 4 kg Focal lengths are generally about 5 times the length of the tube so in that sense expect F10/11/12 or more depending. Thanks Dan This page shows comparison images of the star cluster M37 when nearly overhead on a clear, winter night. 3 reducer/corrector (1480mm focal length, 2. I used a Celestron 11" SCT with focal reducer operating at f/5. Below are a few images taken with the 8" SCT, with a couple taken through my 6" F/10 Maksutov-Cassegrain (ARO Instruments - Signature Series - vintage 1993). 75x is the best corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes in our product range. The focal reducer / corrector offers wide fields of view with any SCT telescope. Therefore, I've attached the reducer to the 2" visual back via a 2"->SCT adapter, and then I use a 2" SCT visual back after the reducer and to connect to the eyepiece. 5 one that screws on to 1. 71x) EF mount. Features. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener threads on to the rear cell of any LX90, LX200 or other Schmidt-Cassegrain The Meade 4-element, multi-coated f/6. 3 with a Meade reducer and you can go up in focal length as high as your seeing will allow for planetary work.

7x reducer as well About the Antares F/6. The Paul Rini reducer is mounted by a 2" nose piece - the rear coupling is a T-Thread. 7x Focal Reducer Lens makes your EdgeHD 800 one full f-stop faster than f/10, doubling the equivalent exposure at f/10 F/3. For deep-sky objects like nebulas you need as wide a “wide-angle lens” as possible, which requires a focal reducer or even better, the Fastar system on Celestron SCTs. Dec 16, 2019 · Starizona Night Owl 0. 3 focal reducers sold by celestron/meade/etc screws directly onto the tube and then I think you screw the eyepiece holder onto it (am I correct in assuming this?). I bought it for my Celestron C11-SGT telescope for deep sky imaging, but having sold the telescope I have no need for it now. Optec NGC314 f/8. It has a wonderful focuser, and when used with the Astro-Physics 0. our f6 refractors will operate at a very fast f/4. USD80. 63x focal reducers were originally designed to optimize for an image circle to match 36mm x 24mm film or its digital equivalent for astrophotography. Focal reducers for refractors must be matched to the focal length of the instrument due to the relationship between focal length and field curvature. TS Optics Adapter for Starizona 0. This page compares several focal reducers for use with the Orion ED80 FL=600mm f/7. 75 times the focal length of the instrument, i. Of course it adds more weight to my already way heavy equipment, but the results are not bad, as this 100% crop of a 7x5min stack of the cocoon nebula shows: Celestron 0. 8 (Canon EOS EF mount) on Micro Four Thirds camera Lumix G2 review (test). At the moment for example with the reducer fitted ,orion still fills the FOV and I would like to be "further away "from it. Outstanding performance, best prices, best selling models – a telescope from the Levenhuk online store is an excellent choice for you. Additionally, the front converter can’t speed up the lens the way a focal reducer does, and it also adds size and weight.

25" Diameter Dual Speed 0. 7x - EdgeHD 1100. 6 Reducer for Celestron C14 SCT. 3 FOCAL REDUCER. The Back Cell Thread Adapter will allow you to attach a f/6. with a 0. Known To Fit After buying the Sony (as a replacement for a point and shoot that broke as a "mobile" camera) I stumbled in the net upon a thing called a focal reducer which, in essence is supposed to be a "reverse teleconverter" by providing approx 0. Excellent condition. The writing on the item says "SERIES 4000 f6. 3 Focal Reducer for SCT Andromeda through 8" f/6. An accessory that any C6 owner should immediately purchase is a right angle, correct image finder scope, or at least a red dot finder like the Celestron Star Pointer, to replace the stock 6x30 straight through, inverted image finder. Cropped and reduced to 50% of original size. 25" and C11 telescopes and f/7. If I repeat the same tests with a Diagonal between the telescope and the camera, the f values will be different. An astro imagers dream, the Meade series 4000 f6. 3 and F/3. Are there any alternatives out there? And can anyone give advice on which to get (6. For Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain models. 7X 2 inch Focal Reducer £ 96. Meade f 6. 3 when we change the position of the focal reducer as stated by John Downs while the focal reducer reduction remains at f/6.

Mounted in its threaded cell, the f/3. Threaded for 2" filters. The draw tube is threaded with a T-thread for ease of attaching cameras and accessories which is an absolute must for CCD imaging and Astro-Photography, in addition to making visual use a joy. 85 Focal Reducer Other Info M56X1 Thread 2. Some refractors, notably the TeleVue "NP" or Antares' f/6. 4x SCT Reducer/Corrector with a 4-element reducer design to provide a wide field of view and fast focal ratio for deep-sky imaging, especially for real-time imaging, “electronically-assisted astronomy” or EAA. 3 focal reducer on the Sky-Watcher Equinox 80mm refractor 80mm no reducer = 500mm lens @f6. It was good to see a graphic that depicts the light cones exiting the rear cell of the SCT at F/10, F/6. This reducer (which is optimized for near IR light) is used with your guider when you want to place a focal reducer/corrector in front of your imaging camera, at the ONAG®’s imager port (IP). The new reducer will optically flatten the images yielding pin-point stars to the edge of your photographic frame. 3 Focal-Reducer / Field-Flattener; Series 6000 Field Flattener / Focal Reducer 2" Series 6000 Field Flattener / Focal Reducer 3" Zero Image Shift Electronic Micro-Focuser; LX85 Polar Scope; Basic Camera Adapter; Variable Projection Camera Adapter; Variable Projection Tele-Extender #62 T-Adapter (ACF/SCT) #64 T-Adapter (ETX90/105/125/SN NG Mak) For example, adapting a full-frame lens to an APS-C sensor. I've taken a large number of images with this configuration with great success. This lens has anti-reflection coatings and reduces the Celestron-14 focal ratio from f/10 to f/7. Wish On the right side you see the focal reducer part, the back lens of it is limiting the register distance that would need for infinity on an Canon EF DSLR (fullframe). Inside the box is a bottle style case and a two-sided instruction sheet. Thus the correct working distance to yield a 0. 8L II USM analysis. 7x focal reducer lens for Edge HD 11. 5x less exposure, less coma), which is also relatively inexpensive as far as reducers go. Male Schmidt threads fit SCT focal reducers, diagonals, turrets, etc. Of course, you know the flaw in this reasoning - everything the C8 does, a C9.

5 and 0. 3, on two frames using Nikon D7100 digital camera + 180-mm f/2. 00* > GEG and focal reducer 2 " image circle with 35 mm camera = 1. 63x Focal reducer: $155 new ADM V-series dovetail bar(x2): $80each new ADM Counterweight(x2) plus mounting bar: $85 new Craftsman rolling case: $89 new Celestron dew shield for 11” SCT: $40 new Celestron T-ring adapter plus Canon EOS T-ring: $35 new Bahtinov Mask for 11” SCT: $30 new A/C power adapter for CPC series: $30 new A search on the web produced nada for the part # on the box. This Translate Into A 20 Seconds F/6. The fastest ultra-wide lens combo for MFT or M4/3 camera available in retail! Are you choosing a reliable telescope? Levenhuk telescopes are produced using the latest technologies and high quality materials and carry a lifetime warranty. £759. Focal Reducers & Correctors (9) Focusers & Accessories (34) Feather Touch Focuser 2" Adapter for Celestron C11/C14 SCT Telescopes # A20-223 . 7" threads to SCT threads, 8mm insertion length [Astro-Physics, ADA204] Adapter from SCT threads to T threads, 18mm insertion length [Antares] T-thread extension barrels, various lengths; Baader T2 Quick-changer, 15mm insertion length [Alpine Astro, T2-6,7] 1. Note that the Celestron 0. Oct 19, 2016 · Celestron C9. 97. Celestron f/6. The Celestron focal reducer I used is also a field flattener (it's called a focal reducer-corrector). 25" - 0. Natively, this is an F/9 scope, not F/10 - 2000mm aperture and 1800mm focal length. New. 6 focal reducer. Celestron doesn’t offer a f/6. 33X. NGC7223 & UGC11927 (galaxies) - 08/26/2011 - 6" RC f5, StellaCam-3 and .

Click on the photo for a larger version. Depending on how your focuser “grabs” eyepieces (with a compression ring or with setscrews) you may also need an extension ring on the front of the Oct 14, 2017 · This version is fitted with Moonlite's new drawtube/flange configuration for imagers that allows a focal reducer to be screwed directly into the drawtube inside the focuser. 75x focal reducer has a focal length of 700mm. THE #94175 REDUCER/CORRECTOR LENS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CELESTRON EDGEHD OPTICAL SYSTEMS. It's considered to be a "typical" globular and has recently been studied for its "blue stragglers" - stars Using the Celestron SCT f6. 3 (0. 3 reducer / corrector is for C5, C6, C8, C9¼ and C11 telescopes. 63x reducer – according to plate-solving this brings my setup to 1420mm focal length. These 2 items work well together and I would reduce price if anyone was inetersted in both to 160 which is a real bargin. The SCT, with its longer focal length, has a subsequently narrower field of view. This makes me think that your best choice might be a nice 80mm f/6 refractor (480mm focal length). The focal length reduction increases the speed of the optical system for astrophotography. 49" per pixel and a field of view measuring roughly 19 by 13 arcminutes. Kipon Baveyes Medium Format Lens Focal Reducer Review by @mattiasburling Read the complete review at gunpowdervideo. A direct comparison has been made (by Antares) with the popular Celestron f6. 63 for Meade and Celestron SCT (Not for HD Series) $215 Sold Out No firm ETA at this stage . 33x Reducer 0. 3 Focal-Reducer / Field-Flattener; Series 6000 Field Flattener / Focal Reducer 2" Series 6000 Field Flattener / Focal Reducer 3" Zero Image Shift Electronic Micro-Focuser; LX85 Polar Scope; Basic Camera Adapter; Variable Projection Camera Adapter; Variable Projection Tele-Extender #62 T-Adapter (ACF/SCT) #64 T-Adapter (ETX90/105/125/SN NG Mak) Sep 07, 2012 · Below is a 90-second exposure at prime focus on a 12-inch SCT, with an f/6. Meade 10” f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope on Meade LX200 Fork Mount w/Tripod Versatile design accommodates 3 focal ratios: native f/10, f/7 with the addition of a focal reducer, or ultra-fast f/2 imaging with a removable secondary mirror and third-party accessories Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT coatings provide maximum light transmission mounted focal reducer, where the MTF is increased even at large apertures , and, most importantly, even in the real world using a well-designed and manufactured focal reducer like the Ultra-m43. Even with reducer attached the optical path is now much shorter. To add a new barlow or focal reducer, tap the Add Barlow or Focal Reducer button below the list, then enter the following: Barlow or Focal Reducer Name: descriptive name for this piece of equipment.

Celestron 8" aperture aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope produces astrograph-quality flat focal plane; EdgeHD coma-free Cassegrain optics and a built-in field flattener ensures sharp focus all the way to the edge of the field Ye olde Nikon 35mm F2. 99 buy DETAILS This superb fully multi-coated multi-element focal reducer takes advantage of the latest computer aided design techniques to achieve the highest standards of performance set by the brand leaders at a fraction of the cost. 46X. 9x: decreasing it from f/7 to f/6. Take control of your telescope! Download the Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software. The two lens system sits is a metal cell that is threaded for filters. Here some test images, left side with the FD 400 + homegrown focal reducer, and right with a Nikon Nikkor AI-S 180mm/2. [note: Around 2006-2010 Meade manufactured some f/6. 75x Telecompressor. I got it because I'd like to use some Canon lenses that have no aperture ring. ) On the lower right you can see part of IC1805, The Heart Nebula. 5X. 3 SCT Reducer/Corrector. 4x SCT Reducer/Corrector December 16, 2019 by Stuart Parkerson 0 comments Starizona Night Owl offers a 0. 8x Reducer/Flatener for TV-85 and TV-76; and the Celestron Reducer/Corrector f 6. Given I still use a little Celestron CG-5 EQ mount, I felt going over 25 lbs when adding the cameras and guide scope would be pushing the mount a bit much. Since TEC Focal Reducer Corrector 0. Use a 0. Rc telescopes have faster aperture than sct work but they need intense collimation. 10: Nikon "F" 35mm Camera. 7X 2 inch Focal Reducer is fully multi-coated and takes advantage of the latest computer aided design techniques to achieve the highest standards of performance to dramatically increase the field of view (FOV) or imaging scale of your telescope But at short f/ratios all SCT present some coma.

66X reduction in focal length. I suspect that a good long focal length 2" EP without a focal reducer will Every focal reducer is designed to operate optimally at the position where the reduction factor RF is the quoted value, 0. $100 plus $10 postage Attached Thumbnails. 3 and also increases the angular field of view (multiple your 2000mm focal length by . This also greatly cuts the focal length though from 2302 mm to 425 mm, making for a super wide view for large scale objects. Nowhere does it actually say "MEADE" but it is apparently a clone of the Meade and Celestron SCT focal reducers. 1x and 1. $279. Pattern noise of Canon DSLR cameras. This a manual focus lens adapter. Wind caused guide problems. Page. 3 CCD Focal Reducer attaches to the rear cells of all Meade LX-Series Schmidt-Cassegrains and to other SCT brands and reduces CCD exposure times by up to 80%. A 2" diagonal always increases the total focal length necessary to reach the focal plane of the eyepiece. Jul 02, 2018 · July 2, 2018. 7x - EdgeHD 925 This, added to the inability to utilize longer focal ratios for certain objects, led Celestron to design the four-element, fully multicoated f/6. 3 Focal Reducer. Starizona SCT Corrector 3 - 0. I have been fortunate to have a TEC 140 APO refractor for imaging. Nov 09, 2004 · Well, based on my previous topic post, I've decided to buy a guide scope to use on my SCT. This area is in the middle of the Winter Milky Way.

63x Focal Reducer/Field Flattener (f/6. For an 8" ƒ/10 SCT with ƒ 1 ~400mm, the focus shift between ψ=0 (object at infinity) and ψ=0. This will become a main part of my new imaging setup from 2009 onwards. Chemicals and materials. Telecompressors / Focal Reducers. 63x Focal Reducer/Coma Corrector. 63x Focal Reducer for SCT. There's also a cropped view from a 135mm lens for Tokina 11-16 mm 1:2. These are useful when taking pictures of nearby large objects, such as nebulas. That said, it's sharp enough to satisfy most and make a good picture. Works well with my *"SCT and DSI II CCD - can take Reducers change focal length increasing field of view and also decreasing focal ratio. This then aims the light through a central tube and a hole in the primary mirror to the Used for Long Exposure Astrophotography Reduces Focal Length from f/9 to f/6. Here is another idea. 62x Focal Reducer with the 11" Celestron EdgeHD telescope. 33 reduction factor. F5 Coma Corrector for Newtonian Telescopes $275 Aug 31, 2012 · 0. Dec 27, 2011 · I buyed my first model, Baader Alangee2 abt 3 years ago, but i was not happy with results, so i buy second hand Celestron 6. 25" accessories like Legacy Reviewer's Review of Meade f/3. 3 SCT Focal Reducer Antares f/6. Apr 24, 2020 · SCT – ORION 2 INCH STAR DIAGONAL & ANTARES 6. 9x, respectively.

This is a high precision Moonlite CS Model 2" DUAL Speed Crayford Focuser (with Shaft Lock) for Celestron 11" and 14" SCT, Celestron 9. Cassegrain Telescope Calculator Comparison when the thermal rating without fan is assumed to be 100% 87% higher thermal rating comparison with existing design New design fan and hood (PX9) Existing design fan and hood (PX8) No fans LOW NOISE Low noise resulting from optimized gear tooth profi le modi fi cation and rigid housing design. The AFR allows your guider to reach focus with a short optical path at the ONAG®’s guider port (GP). 8X and f/6. F/7 is using the binoviewer a Refractor or SCT with a focal length reducer (FLR) in place giving roughly a 40% reduction off of the f/11. compartment for insertion of filters, or the removable 80mm clear aperture achromatic focal reducing lens. Series4000TM f/6. Comments: I got a great deal on my new Antares f/6. The 3. The telescope's stock rear Adapter Plate (see EdgeHD diagram) was replaced with an Astro-Physics 2" Visual Back (AP part # ADASCTLC) in order to install the focal reducer as close as possible to the OTA, as recommended by Optec. 3 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, because the design is impractical, with a large central obstruction, and resulting loss in contrast. The present f/6. Materials and methods 2. 3 Focal Reducer Pros: Nice color correction, flat design is great. 3 focal reducer - at $65 shipped it was too hard to pass up a deal like that :-). 7, 0. Canon EOS 750D. 5 focal reducer @ 25 seconds NGC7231 (galaxy) - 08/30/2016 - 8" SCT f6. , 24 threads per inch) rear-cell thread. 3 SCT Focal Reducer The Antares F/6. 63 and you get 1260mm focal length).

5" picture of M42 at right taken with a 24mm square CCD)) Focal Reducer Benefits: Posted on May 5, 2011, 1:23 pm Author: Jen Winter : Exploring the Focal Reducer in Visual Observations. These 0. Flat field (increased contrast) Field of view comparisons Toronto Skyline 33 miles away (poor and variable Optics: LX200R 10" SCT Focal Reducer: Optec Lepus 0. Eng Test Report – Sep. 3 (f/7 for 14" models). A Celestron focal reducer/corrector increases the versatility of any f/10 or f/11 SCT, from the C5 to the C14. Any ideas. 3 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener Guest name (required): The evolution of technology in astronomy requires a system which will assist the focusing of the telescope with great accuracy. Feb 26, 2004 · Because an f/3. 72x Reducer 0. 5" aperture giving about f/31 on the scope This lens assembly takes your Schmidt-Cassegrain from its native f/10 focal radio down to f/6. Barlow / Reducer: None 0. Hi, I want to buy a focal reducer for my Meade LX90 8 to get better DSO viewing. 72x and compared to Olympus Zuiko 12-60 mm 2. New special coatings will reduce internal reflections between lenses commonly found on many focal reducers. 00 . Cookbook, Tutorial, and Articles related to Astrophotography,including full IRIS image processing tutorial. 3 Focal Reducer, as shown below, an f/10 SCT acts at f/6. Nathalie Dhédin, Anne Huynh, Sébastien Maury, Reza Tabrizi, Kheira Beldjord, Vahid Asnafi, Xavier Thomas, Patrice Chevallier, Stéphanie Nguyen, Valérie Coiteux My other wide-field telescope is a William Optics GT81 (81mm) triplet apochromatic refractor with a focal length of 478mm at F/5. From my SCT to the Focal Reducer 49. Focal reducers are essentially mount-adapters that use optical elements Focal Reducer verkehrt herum: Laowa Magic Format Converter (MFC) Viltrox EF-M2 Adapter - Günstiger MFT Focal Reducer mit aktiver Canon Mount Aputure DEC LensRegain - Focal Reducer mit Funkschärfe bald in D lief Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K in der Praxis: Hauttöne, Focal Reducer, Vergleich zur GH5S uvm.

Nice items and ideal for the Celestron SCT I currently have in auction. For wide field images the 2” focal reducer/flattener will reduce the 80mm refractor from f/6 to an f/4. I added an ATiK brand . Clear anodized aluminum, grooved and backened interior. 75 with Afterpay. A total of 18x30 second frames were stacked with Deep Sky Stacker and processed in Photoshop CS2. 95 USD Return to MallinCam Accessory Page By way of comparison, my old Tak FS-102 telescope was 820mm or 610mm focal length, depending on whether I use the focal reducer. Offers a wide field of view with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes and reduces exposure time by a factor of 3. Antares 0. 33 reducer with the SPC900 on my 8" F/10 SCT would be best suited for most DSO's. 3 focal Configuring an SCT’s optical train using a focal reducer can be challenging. 3 SCT Focal Reducer Focal reducers are very versatile accessories. 3 Focal Reducer Manual Celestron SCT C6, C8, C925, C11, C14 (22mm bore) Celestron RASA 8 (13mm bore) Celestron RASA 14 (22mm bore) In the box. I can't say it's purely the focal reducer or the lens, the fault is probably shared between the two. The f/1. The example is calculated with an f/2. 5mm Spacer Tube) 0. Mar 10, 2014 · I am extremely confused when you say that the "RJ focal reducer" is the "Roxsen focal reducer". 9). 5 with the Mak, far too slow for deep space. Quality is decent, but it's definitely not as sharp.

Now for a bad example: the Altair Astro (Long Perng) 0. S. The rear port of the NexStar 4 accommodates the same accessories as the Meade ETX-90/105/125. The solution? If you get the Celestron, buy the Edge f/7 reducer. In #3, the Celestron f/6. Our range of reducers fits a wide range of different telescope types and focal ratios. This lens yields edge-to-edge pinpoint F/6. ; Aspartic hexapeptide (Asp6) was purchased from Shanghai The eyepiece has five elements of fully multi-coated (FMC), high-index glass, with a high light transmission, allowing your telescope to be pushed to its magnitude limits. I was concerned that my ZWO guide camera and scope might not be powerful enough to guide properly but it guided very well (and even did without the focal reducer. Jun 25, 2014 · Samyang 10 mm f2. 5 or even higher. I recently had the opportunity to compare the Meade f/6. 5X Focal Reducer cuts your telescope's focal length in half Delivers a wide field and reduces exposure times for astrophotography The 0. 0″ Adapter for Celestron C11/C14 SCT Telescopes. With ANY focal reducer, including the Meade f/3. Shorter focal lengths also reduce your focal ratio and therefore your exposure times. This clever accessory makes it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument, without sacrificing image quality. It is actually only a reducer, but it does increase true field at the expense of some increase in spherical aberration and some vignetting (dimming) at the Jul 28, 2020 · Meade f 6. BirdForum - The net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds This focal reducer for the ED80Sf telescope reduces focal length by 0. The result is a sharper appearing image with crisper star images, an increase in field of view of 7X, and an increase in sensitivity to extended Celestron C-8 SCT with Celestron focal reducer: Focal Length: 1260mm: Focal Ratio: f/6. Reduction for a 17.

5x Barlow 2. My question is will I be able to screw my focal reducer onto the back of the SCT OTA and then screw the Crayford focuser onto the focal reducer? I will purely be observing (not imaging) and was wondering whether I will be able t This reducer is in perfect condition and is used to reduce the focal lenght of a Celestron by 6. 25" or 2" eyepieces. Others have tried other reducers, but either find that they introduce similar degradation, or cannot be made to work in conjunction with SBIG's AO-7 unit due to the extra working distance it adds. 3 sct reducer in this year. 8x Reducer / Flattener v2, and a Baader MPCC. The Meade focal reducer comes in a small box. Cons: Seems to have a limit on long focal eyepieces using either 1. 3 Focal Reducers. For example, an f/6. sct focal reducer comparison

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